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Quality Policy
High Quality, on time, environmentally safe

Precision Stamping demonstrates excellence in the global supply of metal stampings and deep drawn components; by evaluating firstly internal and external issues and secondly acting in the best interests of our interested parties. Specifically, employees, customers, and suppliers.

To continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, focus is placed in the areas of program management, production, and product. It is these activities and our commitment to follow the IATF16949 standard and applicable regulations that ensures development of a mutually beneficial relationships with all our interested parties, based on the principles of value, quality, and delivery.

Presco Pledge


As an employee and stakeholder of Precision Stamping, I understand that my actions directly influence the productivity of the company. I understand that the production of high quality (conforming) metal stampings at press capable rates is the soles means for the organization to serve its stakeholders. As a part of the organization, I shall align my actions, communicate directly, seek additional knowledge, and always ask for help when in doubt; to the best of my abilities each day and with the understanding that I dictate to what degree Precision Stamping is able to serve its stakeholders now and in the future.


John Parke III


January 02, 2018

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