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Quality Assurance
Doing it right since 1946

PRESCO believes it is essential to build quality into its culture and production practices to ensure quality products for you to use.  Quality begins with the receiving of raw material and continues as a first priority through tool/die building, PPAP, production, and final delivery.


Quality checks are integrated into every process through the 


use of calipers, comparators, CMM, Keyence Vision Dimensioning System, gauging and more.  This constant measuring and evaluation enables  PRESCO to maintain effective, accurate, and consistent Statistically Controlled Processes (SPC) on all jobs.

Protoype, SLC/Pre-launch and Production Control Plans 


Sub-process work instructions


Dimensional Test Results 

PPAP Checklist 

PM for Machines 


Statistical Process Control

Gage R & R Studies 

Material Test Results 

PM for Tooling 

Supplier ISO certifications 

Supplier Raw Material, Plating, Annealing & Passivation Certifications (Paperport)

CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine

Rockwell Hardness Tester


Horizontal Optical Comparator

Measuring Devices (English & Metric)


Gage Blocks

Pin Gauges

Radius Gauges


Multiple Surface Plates


All measuring equipment tested and  recalibrated regularly to N.I.S.T customers and PRESCO standards.

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