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Precision Stamping

Precision Stamping Company is one of the largest producers of deep drawn stampings in the Midwest. 


Presco is located in Howell, MI and has been family owned and operated since 1946. Over the course of time, Presco has served the industrial, automotive, military, and commercial markets with Minster, Baird, and Waterbury progressive and eyelet/transfer presses. 


Presco has grown from its humbling beginnings in Southeast Michigan to become a worldwide supplier of stamped metal products.

Company Profile

For over 65 years we have served the domestic and international industrial automotive, military and commercial markets.

Our Capabilities

PRESCO has developed five areas thathelp us five our customers a high level of quality.

Our newest project involved a partnership collaboration with Ford to create a specific deep drawn piece. Read more...

Latest Projects

Design, build and repair all tooling in house.

If we fit the bill, request a quote to the job rolling.

It's essential to you and Presco to ensure the production of quality products for your use.

Knowledgeable die makers offer the capability to modify existing designs or create entirely new products.


Once the job is finished, we follow it up with polish to assure all of our products are high quality.

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